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In the modern world, there’s no greater curse than a phone, tablet, or laptop that’s down to 1% and about to die. That’s why more and more businesses now offer their visitors a way to charge phones and other devices.

But most charging kiosks and stations require users to leave their phones behind while they charge or to stay in one place. That’s hardly ideal. Research shows that most people hate being without their phones, tablets, or laptops for even five minutes. And if you have things to do, you don’t want to be sitting around.

When preparing for an event, many people turn to common or inexpensive phone chargers. While this may work for some occasions, it’s usually not the ideal choice for your attendees and sometimes frustrates them. That’s a problem. But we’ve fixed it. Electric Go stations allow anyone to pick up a portable power bank charger they can take with them. They can charge any device on the go, anywhere, at any time, thanks to our patented technology.

We have included this in our charging solutions so that we may offer goods that satisfy event participants’ needs. Our objective is to maintain your consumers’ connectivity, energy, and engagement.

When selecting a charging station for your next event, you won’t have to worry about some things. No input from your employees is needed. Reduce the burden on your staff compared to helping customers search for a plug or outlet.

Maintaining Contact

People need to stay in touch with their homes, businesses, and families while they are at trade shows and business events because they are frequently gone—sometimes even abroad. By hosting an Electric Go station, your venue will have a personal page on our app. Every happy user can see which prime venues are nearby. A great way to discover a city and to increase customer traffic They need to communicate with team members at the trade show and their headquarters. Even new trade show contacts and prospects must be followed up with.

Stay Powered

Our power banks are super convenient for anyone needing to quickly top up their battery. And hosting an Electric Go station is a big selling point for businesses since you can offer a practical solution to a previously unsolvable problem. All our power banks are recycled at the end of use. The battery components are separated into different end products. All of these products are then put back on the market to be reused in new products.

 Stay Focused

Electric Go kiosk, an added value for your venue Customers can charge their smartphone, tablet, PC, or other device while enjoying life. No stress; we’ve got your back. Trade exhibitions feature keynote addresses, seminars, workshops, and other events all day long. You want your attendees to attend these events so they can network. The ability to share content on social media and other platforms while watching the show is made possible by having a fully charged smartphone. People are unable to share and publish about the event due to their cell phones’ running out of charge.

Preventing attendees from tripping over charging cables

If you don’t have much room to work with, running power connections can be difficult. The problem of putting chargers in walkways or other places where eventgoers can trip over them is solved by using a portable power bank charger they can take with them.

The Competition for an Outlet

If your battery has ever failed while you were at an event, you are all too aware of how difficult it can be to locate an open outlet. A spare outlet can be hard to come by due to merchants using them to power their displays, event employees shooing you away from outlets, and other attendees battling to charge their gadgets.

Are You Worried About a Disconnected Charger?

Have you ever done your laundry at a laundromat only to return to discover your damp clothes piled up on top of the dirty laundry that someone else had left in the wash? With phone chargers, the same thing occurs. Consider employing an Electric Go station if you fear that people will unhook your phone charger so they can use the outlet.

No Cost

Most providers offer free charging. This effects the rise in tourist loyalty and lengthens consumers’ stays on the property. The people search for a solution to their empty phone battery issue.

Consumer Assistance

Please contact us if there are any issues or mistakes that need to be fixed, and we will answer as quickly as we can. For the seamless running of your event, that is our guarantee to you. We cover all charger repair and replacement, as well as customer support. You won’t need to spend a cent on any of the above.

You can choose from a variety of cell phone charging stations for companies, depending on things like foot traffic, etc. Contact us, and we’ll show you our range of cell phone charging kiosks for businesses of all sizes. We tell you upfront what you’ll pay, and there are no hidden costs. But the benefits for your business will be plain to see.

How It Works

We've made it easy for anyone to find a powerbank and visit your business


Find a venue with an ElectricGo charging station via our app

Step 1 - Find our commercial phone charging station


Scan the QR code on the station to release a powerbank unit

Step 2 - Scan our commercial phone charging station


Plug the powerbank into the device to charge on the go

Step 3 - plug the charger your rented from the commercial phone charging station into your phone


Return the charger to any ElectricGo charging station

Step 4 - Return the charger to any one of ElectricGo's cell phone charging station
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