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Make your business location more phone-friendly with on-the-go charging

ElectricGo helps you keep visitors connected and happy with fully charged phones. Enjoy increased visibility, more footfall, and customers who stay longer and spend more.
Our client use to have antiquated charge lockers now happy with our commercial phone charging station

Our 120 + Partners Include…

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Our commercial phone charging station client Cadillac Fairview
Our client used to use mobilequbes but now uses ElectricGo's phone charging kiosk

ElectricGo Brings Power To The People

In the modern world, there’s no greater curse than a phone, tablet, or laptop that’s down to 1% and about to die. That’s why more and more businesses now offer their visitors a way to charge phones and other devices.

But most charge lockers and public phone charging stations require users to leave their phones behind while they charge, or to stay in one place. That’s hardly ideal. Research shows that most people hate being without their phones, tablets, or laptops for even 5 minutes. And if you have things to do, you don’t want to be sitting around.

A Customer with a dead phone wondering where can i find a phone charger near me, ElectricGo has now solved this problem

That’s a problem. But we’ve fixed it. ElectricGo’s phone charger kiosk allows anyone to pick up a portable powerbank charger they can take with them. Using our patented technology, they can charge any device on the go, anywhere, anytime.

Our powerbanks are super convenient for anyone needing to quickly top up their battery. And hosting an ElectricGo public phone charging station is a big selling point for businesses, since you can offer a practical solution to a previously unsolvable problem. We also offer a charging station for events which can be branded to your specifications.

Our charging kiosks will keep your visitors smiling like this girl
Power-Up Your New-Visitor-Appeal & Customer Satisfaction
Charge On-The-Go
Most charging kiosks require users to stay in one place or leave their devices behind. ElectricGo chargers are fully portable for your customer’s convenience.
Boost Your Visibility
Anyone needing to charge their device will be led straight to the location of your business via Google Map integration on our app
More Footfall
The capability to charge phones and other devices is a major motivator that will bring visitors flocking to your venue.
Make Customers Smile
Fully charged phones make people happy. Transform casual visitors into loyal customers with the value you provide. You can even choose to provide powerbanks for free!
Frictionless Charging

ElectricGo’s phone charger kiosk is incredibly simple to operate – all users need to do is scan a QR code to unlock a powerbank.

No Staff Required
No input from your employees needed. Reduce the burden on your staff compared to helping customers search for a plug or outlet.
How It Works
We’ve made it easy for anyone to find a powerbank and visit your business

Find a venue with an ElectricGo public phone charging station

Step 1 - Find our commercial phone charging station

Scan the QR code on the commercial phone charging station to release a powerbank 

Step 2 - Scan our commercial phone charging station
Plug the powerbank into the device to charge on the go
Step 3 - plug the charger your rented from the commercial phone charging station into your phone

Return the charger to any ElectricGo commercial phone charging station

Step 4 - Return the charger to any one of ElectricGo's cell phone charging station

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Keeping Customers Fully-Charged Is Hassle Free, Affordable & Good For Business
Make More Sales
Visitors with fully charged phones stay at your venue longer. The longer they’re on-site, the more money they’re likely to spend.
No Data Costs
Our stations don’t rely on your wi-fi network. There’ll be no slow-down to your internet speed, and you won’t incur any extra data costs.
Compact & Versatile
ElectricGo stations measure only 11”x10”x8”. They fit on top of desks or counters so that you can provide charging almost anywhere.
Free Maintenance
We cover all repair and replacement of chargers, as well as customer support. You won’t need to spend a cent on any of the above.
Upfront Rates
We tell you upfront what you pay, and there are no hidden costs. But the benefits for your business will be plain to see.
New Source of Revenue
Depending on the payment model you choose, you’ll receive up to 20% of customer rental payments.

Select Your Commercial Phone Charging Station Payment Model

Option 1
Pay an upfront fee and monthly servicing costs. Keep the majority of the revenue generated by customer rental payments.
Option 2
Pay a slightly higher upfront fee and monthly servicing costs. Offer ElectricGo power packs as a free service to your customers.
Option 3
Pay an upfront fee with free monthly servicing. We’ll retain all customer payments to cover our costs.

Option 4

Rent cell phone charging station.  ElectricGo understands that customers may need ElectricGo’s charging station for events.  These charging station rentals can also be customized to meet your needs.

Give your customers the gift of a fully charged phone, starting right now!
Planet-Friendly Power

Sharing powerbanks reduces the demand for natural resources like lithium, lowering the carbon footprint needed to charge phones and other devices. Our powerbanks are all made from recyclable materials and powered by 100% renewable energy.

Want to keep your business’s carbon footprint down while you elevate customer satisfaction? ElectricGo is a cleaner, greener way to charge up.  ElectricGo is the perfect phone charging station for business use.

Frequently Asked Questions
Need more info? We’ve got you covered.
What devices can customers charge?

Each ElectricGo powerbank comes with three charging cables: Lightning, micro USB, and USB-C.

That means your customers can charge most Android and Apple smartphones and tablets (Asus, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Honor, Nexus, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and Xiaomi).


It also allows them to charge other mobile phones, Bluetooth speakers, MP3 players, cameras, readers, laptops, and gamepads.

Do users need to pay a security deposit to use a powerbank?
No, users are not required to pay a security deposit. At the beginning of each rental, a pre-authorization charge will be held to cover the cost of a powerbank if lost, damaged, or for any other reason, not returned within 8 days. Once the rental is completed, the pre-authorization will be automatically voided.
If a user doesn’t return their powerbank, will that impact my business?
Not at all. It’s the user’s responsibility to return the powerbank, not yours. The pre-authorization charge will go through automatically without any need for you to be involved.
If there’s a problem with a powerbank, will customers come to us looking for help?
No, they won’t. We have a dedicated support team standing by to support ElectricGo users. You won’t need to spend time helping customers deal with issues. We’ll take care of them ourselves.

Why wait? Contact us today to request your ElectricGo charging station

ElectricGo is the perfect solution to the most irritating problem of the modern age. Your customers will love you for helping them stay charged and connected. And your business will benefit too.

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