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Customized branded cell phone charging stations are practical, can help you attract attention, and can boost foot traffic to your establishment. Customers will be able to recognize your brand and remember you after they leave if you offer personalization.

When creating your own charging station, keep the following in mind:

In what way will it fit in my space?

Choosing the ideal size is the first step in personalizing your phone charging station. The majority of charging station providers provide a range of alternatives, including lockable kiosks and handy, portable chargers that can be set up on a table or counter. Your clients may charge safely and securely at each station.

You might want to think about our 12 powerbank stations for larger areas, such as a hotel lobby or convention center. Customers can easily identify them from a distance because of their greater size, and you can customize the number of stations to suit your requirements.

In pubs and cafés, a portable charger can be conveniently placed on the counter top, making it difficult for customers to miss when they sit at the bar.They won’t have to get up from their seats to use their phones while they charge.
How will clients recognize that this is your phone charging station?
The exciting part begins once you select a charging station. When adding decals and a unique wrap to display your company name or emblem, choose colors that stand out to make it easier for customers to identify your charging station.
Feel free to decorate the entire locker station, including the battery packs, sides, and even the faceplate and backdrop. You can alter every component of your charging station to better advertise your business and set it apart from the competition.

Customers will witness and hear what?
Charging stations with custom branding are a great way to promote your company and sponsors. Charging stations include 19″ touch panels with a variety of display options. Use a slideshow or film to provide your consumers with additional in-depth details about other goods or services you provide. Our charging stations contain LCD LEDs that are red when a phone is plugged in and blue when the station is open. Due to how distinctive the LCD lights are, many people are drawn to them, which draws attention to the advertisements that surround the station.

The screen is a wonderful spot to highlight your sponsors or adjacent businesses in locations like hotels, airports, and train stations where a lot of people are arriving and departing. If your hotel’s visitors frequently ask the concierge for recommendations on where to eat, you can include nearby eateries with menus and pictures to whet their appetites. You can also give your sponsors some screen time if they want to run advertisements.
Additionally, the charging stations include lockers with built-in speakers that let you add audio to your advertisements. Along with the graphics on the screen, your audio can help explain or illustrate the product. You can also play music to build the ambiance. Change things up occasionally to prevent them from becoming boring. Changing the displays is simple and may be done remotely or by simply inserting a flash drive.

We have many cell phone charging stations for events available, including branded mobile charging lockers. For all your event charging station needs, please contact

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