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Running low on battery?



Get your ElectricGo powerbank and charge your smartphone on-the-go.








Make your business location more phone-friendly with on-the-go charging

ElectricGo helps you keep visitors connected and happy with fully charged phones. Enjoy increased visibility, more footfall, and customers who stay longer and spend more.






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ElectricGo Brings Power To The People
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In the modern world, there’s no greater curse than a phone, tablet, or laptop that’s down to 1% and about to die. That’s why more and more businesses now offer their visitors a way to charge phones and other
But most charging kiosks and stations require users to leave their phones behind while they charge, or to stay in one place. That’s hardly ideal. Research shows that most people hate being without their phones, tablets,
or laptops for even 5 minutes. And if you have things to do, you don’t want to be sitting around.

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That’s a problem. But we’ve fixed it. ElectricGo stations allow anyone to pick up a portable powerbank charger they can take with them. Using our patented technology, they can charge any device on the go,
anywhere, anytime.
Our powerbanks are super convenient for anyone needing to quickly top up their battery. And hosting an ElectricGo station is a big selling point for businesses, since you can offer a practical solution to a previously unsolvable problem.

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Power-Up Your New-
Visitor-Appeal &
Customer Satisfaction

All our powerbanks are recycled at the end of use. The battery components are separated into different end products. All of these products are then put back on the market to be reused in new products.

Sharing economy
ElectricGo’s solution reduces the demand on the planet’s lithium resources, by sharing power banks.
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Sharing economy

ElectricGo’s solution reduces the demand on the planet’s lithium resources, by sharing powerbanks.

Extra revenue

Customers stay longer, while their device is charging. You can attract new customers, and you get a share of the income.

Grab attention

By hosting a ElectricGo kiosk, your venue will have a personal page on our app. Every happy user can see which prime venues are nearby. A great way to discover a city, and to increase customer traffic​.

Happier customers

ElectricGo kiosk, an added value for your venue. Customers can charge their smartphone, tablet, PC, or other device while enjoying life. No stress, we’ve got your back.

Reduced burden on staff

Reduce burden on the staff resulting from customers searching a plug or outlet for their device.

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